Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Time for the valley run....

Again, we needed to run to the valley for some follow-ups.  I was looking forward to some warmer weather.  It wasn't to happen.  Wouldn't you just KNOW it that our visit brought in rainy weather for the suburbanites??!!

The valley is swarming with lots of visitors, especially around the Glendale area. Definitely know the Super Bowl is ramping up.  I'm glad we'll safely be up here when next weekend arrives.

Truth be told, we also were going to use the trip to bring even more stuff back up here from the valley house.  You'd think that house would be empty. NO!!  
I never realized how much stuff we collected over 25 years.  I've even made many trips to Goodwill with a pickup-bed full of things I hope others will want. Slowly stripping the house is very therapeutic and cathartic.

The short trip was a whirlwind of activity.  Our youngest works nights, but he was able to help us get an entertainment center apart and ready for transport. 
I took several plastic containers for filling with anything that caught my fancy and I felt I NEEDED desperately in the mountains.  Later those same things may still appear in the Labor day Chamber of Commerce sale. 

Took this picture of Four Peaks on the drive north.  Usually see snow on the peaks and thought I would with this weather, but there was none today.  Don't look at the bottom of the picture if you get motion sick.  Took it out the car window.  I love driving the road back up to the homestead.  We pass many striking rock formations.

One section just outside of Fountain Hills is full of unusual rock formations that remind me of a dinosaur skeleton sticking up along a ridge.  Our boys would make up names for all sorts of formations along the route.  

Made it safely and parked the truck in the garage.  If we feel like it, we'll unload tomorrow.

Sure is nice not to have a schedule anymore....

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