Sunday, January 4, 2015

Water, water, everywhere, but.....

As the line goes...."water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink"....

This was our day, yesterday.  We awoke to it being only 4 degrees.  Now, for all of you out there from snow country, this would be a piece of cake.  However, we are from the desert and still getting used to the cold of winter.  

Still, we were able to get up and moving, despite the cold.  OK, it WAS 58 in the house, but...still!  Turned up the heat, made breakfast and settled in for some cooking shows on HGTV.   Come lunchtime.... SURPRISE!   Went to put some water in a pan and... no water.   Yelled to Steve who was in the garage with Ziva, asking if he'd turned the water off for some reason.  Nope!

A bigger surprise was awaiting in the front yard.   The front faucet had blown and water was going everywhere.   He got the main line turned off quickly. Then, hot water started spraying from the line as the water heater emptied.

Now let me spout, I've about HAD it with the water lines in this place.  What is this, like, the 6th time the lines have blown?   Thank God that we were here and it wasn't like the 2 times where the bills for water were $3600.00 and $2400.00.  Since then, I've been the water police and dutifully drip a faucet whenever freezing is approaching.  But, but, but, this time it was noon and I'd already used water. Somewhere there is a waterline genie just laughing his butt off.

So, there was another trip to the hardware store for parts.   I must say that I'm appreciating Steve much more than I usually do.  He's becoming a master.

He certainly knows what to do, after all of the practice he's gotten.   Isn't homesteading such fun?!  The pipes were glued, and set.   He had to make up his own timetable for how long to let the glue set, though.  The label called for 2 hours curing, but only down to 60 degrees.  It was 21, so he let the glue cure for HOURS!

Now, look at the pictures and let's comment on the water sprayed all over his back.  You see, while he was working diligently on the pipes, Ziva was behind him.... working diligently on her quest to capture....

a gopher.   I guess Steve was happy he only got sprayed with the initial snowy cover, as the mud was flying quickly.   As usual, she never captured anything.

So, by late evening I had water to cook with.  But, by late evening I wasn't in any mood to cook.  Leftovers to the rescue. 

At least we had water to clean up an certain muddy dog.

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