Thursday, February 19, 2015

Deed FINALLY done....

The week of Valentine's has been a full one.  We were able to get to the valley for a quick turn-around trip just before the special day.  We had another special day to get in.  

We headed to 2 banks and finally got the homestead paid off. We met 2 very nice people, one who gave us the pay off amount/then accepted it, and one who gave us the check to pay it off.  Steve, of course, had both of them laughing with stories about the chickens and dog.  

We decided to have a special dinner at an outrageously expensive restaurant while there, a celebration of sorts.  Then, we were up most of the night because of the very rich meal we had (not something we're used to, lately). Still, it was an exciting excursion.


I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day with their loved ones.  I lucked out with my guy.  Give him Reese's P-nut Butter anything and marshmallow treats, and he's a happy guy.

He received his p-nut butter and marshmallows.  I wasn't fast enough to get a picture with all the marshmallow hearts still on the pate.  He's fast, for an old retired guy!  He's been a Peeps guy since I've known him.  Thank goodness they put out holiday ones...he gets ghosts at Halloween...trees at Christmas...chicks at Easter...and hearts on Valentine's.  He's so lucky he has me.

OK, the picture is mostly empty of our meal, but my Valentine's Day valentine took me to the local bar for "appetizer" night.  If you're ever on our mountain, the best appetizers can be had at Al and Diane's Red Onion.  Wings, chicken tenders and coleslaw.  When I don't want to cook, this is what hits my buttons. I, of course, didn't think to take the picture until it was mostly gone, but you get the picture.

A nice week, all in all.  Now, can I sneak a heart, or has he finished them?

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