Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I'd forget my head, if it wasn't attached...

I've been so busy with the greens and general stuff to do about the homestead, that I completely forgot about the strawberry plants I have over-wintering in the garage.  

Something brought it to my attention (not sure what) and I got out there lickity-split.   They were stored like the books say to store them, but with my luck....

OK, my luck had held.  They weren't dry.  In fact, they had produced flowers on quite a few of the plants.  This does seem strange, as they are in total darkness. A lot of dead-looking leaves and a few fuzzy, moldy ones, but they seemed to be doing well.  

And, I see where you are looking....No, I wasn't drinking wine. That bottle on the right was the closest thing that would hold water, so it was my best bet for a watering can.  Topped the plants off and covered them, again.  I hope I remember to check on them before spring.

Then, there is the thing I don't really forget, but that I do put off.  Constantly!  
The counter compost bin.  It's there.  I see it every day.  I add to it every day.
Mostly coffee grounds, as you can see.  Each morning as I add to it I think about taking it to the garden.  Then...poof!  Out of my mind, until fuzz grows.
So, out I go with it to the garden.  Can't till it into the compost pile until that thaws, but I did remember it today.

We had a mishap with the solar collector for the chickens nightlight, too.  It got hit and it was broken off it's plastic support (adding here, if you build these things, please use metal from now on).  

Anyway, I needed some way to hook the collector back onto the cage.  First, I tried just propping it onto the broken stand and it worked...until I opened the cage door.  Then, I looked at it and it just hit me.  I had some plate hangers I wasn't using.  Brought one out but wasn't strong enough to get it on.  After shooting the springs around the garden several times, I went and got my "he-man" and he was strong enough.  Why I keep him around... Ha!

Dinner tonight (no, not one of my girls).  If any of you have seen that recipe in most magazines lately, for the Parmesan chicken...this is it.   It calls for 6 breasts, but I've thirded (?) it.  Two breasts (butterflied), 1/4 cup mayo, 1/8 cup grated Parmesan and Italian bread crumbs.  Turns out that it's Steve most-requested chicken dinner. And super easy.  
(If you haven't seen the recipe, let me know and I'll give it to you)

Cold tonight, so headed to the couch for a rendezvous with my blanket....

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