Monday, February 23, 2015

Improved growing arrangements...

Now, I seem to have figured out how to grow micro-greens well in the house.  I still wish I was doing it in the greenhouse.  But, for now, doing the growing in the house is very convenient for me and there is electricity here to keep the seeds warm enough to grow.  

I've re-purposed a set of metal shelves we drug up from the valley on our last trip there.  I was running out of windowsills required for my needs.  The shelving unit is upside-down; probably a few of you out there noticed.  My problem was that this unit had shorter shelves at the top and taller at the bottom.  I needed the taller shelves for the growing space of the plastic boxes.

Beets and Wheat grass
Here, I have a shot of the beets and wheat grass seedlings.  Aren't the beets pretty colored?  They are almost to the point of the chickens getting a crack at them.  I'm tempted to try some on a salad; the beets, not the wheat grass.

Sunflower greens 
It takes sunflowers a lot longer to get to the eating stage.  This picture looks a lot like the squirrel hoards I was finding all around the property last fall.  I know from experience that the girls will kill each other for these.  OK, not literally!!

Broccoli greens
Once the broccoli got going, it really took off.   It seems to like being grown for micro-greens better than just as sprouts.  Maybe it likes dirt more than just water?  The chickens seemed to not notice the broccoli seeds in its sprouting stage, but, they did eventually eat them.  I wonder how they will react to broccoli in this green stage?  

I hope to do an experiment soon....

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