Monday, February 16, 2015

My "not so smart" girls...

Up until recently, I've thought of my chickens as very smart girls.  Yes, they are slightly nutsy sometimes, but they do seem to figure things out and quickly, especially if it involves food.

I am reassessing those thoughts, as they seem to be "losing it" and showing some difficulties in seeing past something new and picking out FOOD.

Here they are, before my experiments.  They are excited to see me because I bring treats.  I don't know how chickens use their brains, but I figured that they can see it, or smell it, and will eat it.

NOT if it is in a treat ball.  They acted like the apple wasn't even there.  Not one looked up at the hanging ball. They fought over the micro-greens and the other tid-bits.  So, thinking they would see it when the greens were gone, I left it for the night.  

In the morning, all parts of the apple were still the ball. Seriously, this made me think they were stupid.  So, I put the ball on the ground, thinking that the hanging part was the scary part.  

Nope, next day we still had apple in the ball.  I emptied the ball into the run, thinking that maybe they suddenly didn't like apples.  They went crazy trying to eat it quickly.

So, I'm thinking maybe the apple was just too hard to figure out.  Now, they LOVE green leaf lettuces.  The next time it was treat day, I stuffed the ball with all sorts of greens, especially their favorite spinach leaves.  Since I seem to be part of this learning curve, I didn't hang the ball.  Left it on the ground so swaying wouldn't deter them.  

Next day, not one piece of lettuce seemed to be gone.  I have to admit here, I did some internal swearing.  What had happened to my smart little girls? Emptied the lettuce onto the ground and they fought each other for each piece.
Sheesh!!!  Going to leave the empty ball in the run so maybe they'll get used to it and, someday, eat from it.

This last week I tried a new way to cook a butternut squash.  Cleaned it well and put it into the crock pot.  Didn't poke it or anything.  Set it for 8 hours on low.  I turned out really well.  Sliced it and took seeds out.  Separated it into baggies and froze most of it for later.  The rest was really good with dinner.

Took the leftover skin to the girls.  They loved it and the seeds.  Went crazy.

They knew it was wasn't in a treat ball.....

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