Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What is it with the broccoli sprouts?....

If there were a race between seeds used for sprouts, the finish line would be owned by the wheat grass and barley seeds.  Faaaaar behind would be the sad, tired broccoli seeds, looking like they'd love an ATV to pick them up and deliver them to the ribbon.   I think they are trying their best, but their best is just a sorry illusion.

It took a week more than the other seeds to even get some root growth going. I lost one jar to mold, which stunk to high heaven.  Steve even asked me what had died in the bedroom.  I was tempted to say a mouse, but then he'd know I wasn't telling the truth, 'cause  if there'd been a mouse in there, he'd have seen me running like a sprinter from the house.  I've started a few more jars because of this severe delay in their growth.  I may have some ready...IN A YEAR!!

So, imagine my surprise when I finally got something to happen in a broccoli seed jar...

In this jar, only the top of the seed pile has done any growing.  Under them is the other half of the seeds, which still look like they did when in the package. I found that while using a fork I can pull the greens up and separate them from the lazy seeds.  I'm adding them to a bowl to take to the girls.   As you can see, there was another bountiful crop of wheat grass sprouts to add to them.  After pulling out most of the broccoli sprouts from their jar, I rinsed the leftover seeds and got them back into the sunny window.  Hopefully, they will sprout, but I'm not holding my breath.

Dumped the bowl in the run.  Now, the girls haven't seen broccoli in this stage, so it was basically ignored.  Still, I thought they'd smell the broccoli in those sprouts, as they love all parts of a broccoli plant.  They DID recognize the wheat grass so they swarmed all over it.   Well, all but the carb eater.  She always gets the bread, tortilla, chips, or in this case, a slightly overdone pancake (not cooked by yours truly...mine are perfection). 

Working with the broccoli made me a little peckish for broccoli salad.   Not something we've had around our house a lot.  It was usually only made for church potlucks, reunions or possibly summer cookouts. Anyway, I asked Steve to pick up some when he went to the post office.  Made the dressing, cooked the bacon and patiently awaited the delivery.  I'm keeping the dressing separately in the refrigerator so as not to have soggy salad.  I'll mix up a bowlful as I need it, as I won't get through it quickly.  

Couldn't even tempt Steve with some, which is OK with me.  Meat and potatoes men don't really know what they are missing when it comes to broccoli....

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