Friday, March 6, 2015

Beeee-n thinking about this...

Now that the garden and chicken work is finally done and pretty-much on point (HA! like they'll ever bee truly done), I've been thinking I MIGHT want to get some bees.  I'm just thinking right now, mind you, because it seems like a homesteader type of thing to do.  And, more bees around a garden seems to be desirable for production.

Through one of my many homesteading websites, I came across this picture and it intrigued me. It's a rotating bee hive from  It's the type I would need, if I really get into this, since I can't lift much anymore. You can read about it on

Yes, I heard someone out there ponder..."isn't he-man there for just that reason"... and I'd say something to him, if I were brave.  I already hear him saying that he has more than enough jobs I've already given him.  

I'm not too afraid of being stung, as I've had MANY stings over my lifetime.  I was one of those crazy kids in our neighborhood who loved to catch bees off Pyracantha blossoms; in jars, not my hands.  Just would rub the stings in mud and run off to catch more.  Still, I need to decide if I'm up for it as a Grandma.

I seem to have Mason bees around the garden so, can I do with just them? No hassles with them and they never seem to sting.  They, however, don't produce any honey.  Yup, must think more on this.  
I bought a mason bee house to try this spring. Supposedly it lasts for a season, then you replace it with another.  Seems wasteful, but I want to see how it works, and for how long.  I have the perfect spot on my shed.  Instructions; put on south side wall and keep from winds.  I can do that.  

There is another type of bee that keeps checking out the garden.  Mainly there for the water, as I never see them on anything, but the water spout, hose and in the beds when water is standing. They are even around now in this cold.  I have no idea where they go at night, or in the cold, they just show up every day. They seem fascinated with the chickens and their coop, though.  

Decided to get some other things done around the place.  The furniture pieces we brought up needed painting so I got out the black paint and set up shop in the garage.  

The quilt shelf was blue and didn't fit into my color scheme, so the black paint will make it a show piece.  I hope I can find a quilt to display on it.  I think this'll look good over the bed in our room for visitors.  

The entertainment center needed some gouges and scrapes painted, too.  I thought we'd bundled it well, but there were all sorts of boo-boos to paint.  We also ended up breaking one of the panes of glass, so Steve ran to the glass shop and they cut one quickly.  This will help me by adding much-needed storage to the bedroom, too.  

Now, maybe Steve can be bribed to get these into the house.  It'll take some doing... he thinks I'm working him to death, or something....

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