Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Finally, warm enough...

Some warmer days have been settling on our mountain.  It's 71 degrees right now, but the breeze gives me a shiver every-once-in-a-while.  I still would like more snow before the heat of summer sets in, but this reprieve has been nice.

It's been warm enough to go outside without a coat (with exception of some of the breezes).  That's saying something. I've been checking the garden to see when I can get the veggies out that froze in last fall.  The heat had worked and I was able to get the carrots out with a pitchfork. 

Man!  There were still a lot that I'd missed.  Even got some of the green onions out.  They were mush, but they still had a potent smell. Can't eat the carrots, though.  They looked good, but were mostly mushy, too. Such a sad addition to the compost pile.  The pile had thawed enough for me to get it turned, too. 

Checked the other raised bed and found that the corner connector on the short hoop had broken during the winter (OK, it's still winter, but today it doesn't seem like it). I brought it to Steve's attention.  He loves any excuse to hit the hardware store.

I usually stick my head into the coop when checking on the girls and with this heat..... Gag!!  It had warmed up the winter's worth of dropping in there and they were POTENT!  Time to get the coop cleaned out.  The girls had done a good job composting their straw and droppings into some usable compost.  I think the deep pile system is a winner and I'll probably keep doing it.  

A full wheelbarrow dumped into the compost pile and I'll work it in, later.  The ol' back will not allow it today.  I can see that some animals are foraging in the compost pile.  It's been warm enough for the gophers to have dirt piles around it, too.  

There are still a lot of large items that'll need to removed; mostly tomato vines, the frozen carrots and leftover stalks of arugula, broccoli and such.  I'll have to make a sieve soon, so I can get the compost into the garden beds.  I thought Steve was going to make one last year, but it didn't happen.  

Maybe all this warmth is getting to me, but I'm excited to get the garden going. Of course, I'm still waiting for some snow to appear before I actually get it going, but it's fun to dream about...

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