Sunday, March 1, 2015

OH NO!!!

Those were the words in my head as I observed the scene of the crime.  NOT my girls!!  There, in the run.  Can it be?!   Cripes. 

Someone had eaten an egg and left the incriminating evidence in the run.   Swiftly, in my head, I tried to think of all I'd read about this.  Why they did it? How to stop it?  WHO did it?  I quickly removed it from the run, as if they all hadn't probably taken a bite from it.  Now what?!

First thing was to check the nesting box to see if anything bad was there. Nope. Clean.  All the thoughts going through my head were bad ones, at that point. For the rest of the day, I kept checking for new eggs, thinking to whisk them away from the bad girl, whomever she was.

That night I did a lot of praying that this wasn't going to keep happening.  That they would forget about eating the egg.  That I'd get all eggs out before they were eaten.  Did NOT sleep well.

I was so happy when I saw these the next morning.  I had gotten out the golf ball I keep in the shed, just for this occasion, but now I hope it'll not be needed. After all, I had just bought...

an egg skelter for the counter.  Trying to keep the eggs straight, from newest to oldest, was becoming a hassle.  The chicken egg basket just wasn't doing it and I was never sure I was using the oldest, first.  I like the skelter.  No! the eggs don't roll effortlessly around the spiral; they have to be coaxed to come down. In a perfect world eggs would be round.  Still, I just nudge them and they usually fill in.  If not, who cares.  This works great for keeping them straight.

The girls are almost back up to spring and summer laying quotas, which is a little strange.  We're usually getting 3 eggs a day.  The days aren't any longer, so this is another chicken quirk that I'm experiencing.  Snow is expected soon (yea!) so I wonder if that'll change things?....

Chicken mothering is harder than I thought...

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