Friday, March 27, 2015

Really, it was just supposed to be quick...

Just made a quick trip to the valley house, and when I say quick..... I'm lying.  

We HAD plans for a quick trip to get Ziva's final dental visit completed.  
OH YEA!!  Forgot to get this tidbit in.  

We went down a while ago.  Our youngest son was playing with Ziva and had her in some unusual positions.  Trying to get her on her back takes some ingenuity and persistence.  She LOVES him so much that she lays down and plays with him.  He noticed that the inside of one of her canine teeth was broken.  

Now, you try finding a doggie dentist.  This is not an inexpensive dental job, either.  We were referred to a great guy.  We were given quotes for a temporary fix, and a permanent fix.  We had to take the permanent solution as she's constantly running around with logs in her mouth. 

So, 2 weeks ago she had a root canal done in that tooth and molds made for a titanium tooth.  This is how she looked after coming home from her first dentist visit.  They knocked her out really well.  They don't want an 83 pound dog coming around too early.  She stared at the carpet the rest of the night.

The molds are sent to the same place that produces human teeth.  These are her souvenirs.  They will probably make interesting conversation starters.

Two weeks later and the tooth gets installed.  Steve is "helping" her show off the tooth.  She's been VERY particular about who she lets see it.  Everything done is documented and sent to her vet up here so she can be checked yearly. I think we'll need to find some softer logs for a while.

Now, this tooth could have been replaced in just an overnight visit.  But, the gremlin of bad luck decided to play some games with us.  Just as plans were made for the trip, the refrigeration unit on the valley house died.  Plans were made for a Christian Brothers service call and....

bye-bye broken unit... hello new bill.  Still, our son would need cool air when the 115 degree days arrive and it MAY be a selling point when we get this house sold.  HEAR THAT!!...GREMLIN?

After all contracts were signed, I asked for a little favor.  Would they take the old swamp cooler away, since the truck and crane were already on site, and cap the hole?  They were dolls and said yes.  Here, the cooler is going off to its new home at the scrap yard.

I was feeling lighter as these jobs were done.  That gremlin got back at me.  
He had the refrigeration in my car go out, too.  I almost cried here.  I can only take so much....

Thank goodness for extended warranties.....

and wine.....

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