Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring! Already?!!...Nah!!..

We are still in a warm winter reprieve.  The days are in the high 60's and it was warm enough to continue on the garden clean-up/prep.

Steve, and Ziva, started pulling the spent straw bales from the garden.  They will be piled by the compost for me to work into the pile.  NOT something I'm looking forward too.  Still, it needs to be done if I want the pile to grow.

Now, what will I replace the straw with?!  I see potential here.  Steve had some difficulty pulling the poles up.  It seems the ground may still be frozen deep down. 

He's very crafty when the need arises.  Was able to pull them from the ground with his come-along and some poles.  I guess I'll keep him....ha!

The culmination of all this work.  My work is cut out for me....

Looking at my kitchen, I saw that I needed to do some "spring" cleaning there too (still, technically, not spring, but the cleaning was needed).   I've GOT to find the sign I saw recently..."I get more cleaning done in the ten minutes before someone comes over, than I do in a week."  I tend to let things slide during the long periods of no company.  Guess I should ask someone up?

Of course, my idea of needing cleaning is not to let it get to a pig sty level.  No, I need to clean when the stove is messy and the counter has crap on it.  I do notice that I'm dusting dog hair off the counters, now.  Ziva is rarely in the kitchen, but her hair seems to waft around and it really shows on white counters.  

My idea of onion storage....messy, and dry skins get all over my counter. One of my favorite catalogs is "Chefs" which has all sorts of gadgets that I'd love to possess.  Many more than I truly need, but some that would come in handy.  I noticed something to buy...

I broke down and bought these crocks.  Now, everything has it's place and the counters will be non-messy...less-messy...cleaner!  We'll see if the crocks live up to their reputations.  

I only had 1 potato to put in that crock.  Must get to the store.  The onions were placed lovingly in their new home.  I had broken down and bought the garlic crock, even though the only way I usually have garlic around is in the form shown, unless I'm using whole cloves in the garden.  I'll need to try the natural form more to see how the crock works for it.  

Now, I see they'll use up more of my limited counter space, but I still think that these will help me in the neverending quest for cleanliness.  Until we finally get the kitchen remodeled, these will have to do...that is, unless I can get Steve to catch the house cleaning bug.... 

he's already caught the garden cleaning bug...

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