Friday, April 17, 2015's cold outside....

OK, Mother Nature seems to have gotten her calendars mixed up.  Last night, our spring weather had been replaced by SNOW!!!   WHAT!!??  

Well, it actually started yesterday.  It was too cold outside to do much with my hands.  I had planned on getting some seeds into the garden for greens for the girls.  I found my fingers didn't want to cooperate.  Instead....

we decided to water the aspen and poplars on the property.  Our harbinger aspen (above) is the first one to leaf-out each year.  We usually water all the trees when that happens.  Contrary to first thoughts, we were able to hold a hose in our "frozen" fingers.  

Ziva was doing her regular route around the property.  Her usual prey is lizards. She goes from log pile to brush pile, looking for them.  When she finds one, she starts twitching and generally acting like a drug has kicked in. Yesterday, Steve noticed her going crazy trying to get into a dead bush.  He flipped it over and she'd found a mouse nest.  She went crazy, he started yelling and I went running over with my camera.  

She wasn't quite sure about the little creature she'd found.  She kept nosing it, then would pick it up and drop it.

At one point, the little thing was up on it's haunches trying to defend itself. Ziva seemed to want to play with it like a toy.  She never tried to eat it, which I thought she might.  

Now,  I don't really like mice as they've gotten into our house, our house insulation and even the chicken coop.  Still, they are cute and I don't want them killed by my dog.  She "played" with this one until it was all played out. Dobies can be a little rough.  How it died, we don't know.  It didn't look bitten, crushed or mangled.  I know rabbits can be scared to death...wonder if this applies to mice, too?

Trees watered, we headed back to the house.  It really was just too cold to stay outside and the winds had picked up.  By Ziva's nightly walk, the temps were at 25 degrees.

Still, I never expected a return to winter weather during the night.  Maybe today is a day for movie watching and dozing?....


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