Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Feeding troughs...a beautiful sight..

We're back to working on getting the new feed troughs into place.  Steve has also gotten the dirt screened for said troughs...

by using his new screening device.  The screen isn't done quite yet.  I'm going to ask him for modifications.  Like... legs.  

We also got our communications garbled.  I wanted the screening material to have larger holes so I could screen compost.  He used rabbit wire which is allowing for dirt screening, only.   It is handy right now, though, as this garden soil we ordered when the raised beds were made is so full of rocks that it must be screened before use.   After that, I'd like to be able to use a screen for adding the compost to the beds.  He did take the soil to the new trough area, so that was a nice thing.

Now, does anyone remember me saying that I've learned not to demand perfection after almost 40 years of marriage?  Yea, me too.  Still, I fed the chickens and then walked over to see the progress and found Steve using a level.  I almost cried.   

I took these pictures, then sat in a chair to admire the tiger-striped, the work and... darn it, if my Dad didn't pop into my head.  Steve calls me by my Dad's name, invoking the engineer, when asking what my Dad would think.
Usually, it's "well, Bill, what do you think?"

Looking over the scenario, I heard Dad asking me..."what will you do when weeds start coming up from the areas where the drainage holes drip?"  And, naturally, it came out of my mouth almost instantly.

Steve just stopped.  I could tell he'd done so much work and was thinking I don't want to move this stuff and start again.  I let it be.  Went to the shed for some item and came out to find Steve pulling the troughs out of their new area, and asking me where the weed cloth was.  

Isn't marriage wonderful?  Isn't the need of a son-in-law to please his father-in-law ingrained, even after said father-in-law is gone? 

Yeah, it is!  It also tells me that this is the best guy I could've gotten.  

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