Saturday, April 11, 2015

Garden prep continuing...

We are in our 4th day of cyclone winds up here in the mountains.  I am seriously taking my hair for granted by not wearing a hat.  Really, I don't think hats are made for these winds, but Steve HAS managed to keep his boonie hat on.  We headed out to work and, between gusts, have gotten some things done.

Steve has started working on the straw bale garden area, getting it leveled as much as possible, without pulling out a level and making it perfectly level.  I know I can't expect that.   Years ago, I WOULD have expected that.  I've learned after almost 40 years of marriage just how far I can push it.  OK, I haven't learned, but I have suffered the consequences, so I think twice before demanding perfection.

Ziva got bored with all this work and not getting much attention.  She headed to her favorite squirrel cornering tree...

and actually cornered one.  It was a "fancy squirrel" which is our term for an Abert's squirrel.  They come to the bird feeders for seed, but they mainly eat parts of the Ponderosa pines.  Ziva loves to tree them, but she has never caught one.  Just as well as, even though squirrels drive us crazy, I'd hate for her to hurt one.  

After watering the raised beds we were inundated with more flies than I have EVER seen.  Nothing like this happened last year and I did the manure then, too.  It almost looked like there were snowflakes swirling around us.

I took this picture as they seemed to land on any bit of water.  Thank goodness they don't seem to bite or even really land on us.  Still, flies in these quantities are just awful and kinda makes your skin crawl.

After a days work, it looks like half the area is leveled, halfway.  Still, it is much further along than if I had done it.  Steve also mentioned fixing the big drop-off which is tempting to think about, but not something needed right now.  As I'm looking at all that was done and thinking about all still to do...

my head hurt and I called him in for an early dinner.  Plenty of time....right?

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