Monday, April 13, 2015

Me! Forget?!.....Never.....

Decided to start updating the blog in the usual 2 day spurts, with a slight modification. 

I've noticed that I've seriously been stricken with "over 50" senility. It seems to have accelerated in depth, and breadth, and remembering to blog consistently has been difficult.

I've had "day-of-week" senility since I retired.  Thank goodness for our "day-of-the-week" clock.  That clock has saved my sanity for 4 years.  

Now, I've developed "how-many-days-has-it-been-since-I've-blogged" senility. The slightest change in my schedule has made me forget to post a blog entry. I was finding myself shooting up into a sitting position in the middle of the night, wondering if I've forgotten, yet again.  This precipitated a change, for my sanity's sake.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  That's the new schedule.  The "day-of-week" clock should keep me from missing a post.

And, I'm hoping to stave off the next, even worse, senility phase...."over 60 senility." 

Steve's there.  I've noticed a few more of his strange trips out of a room, with the inevitable return to ask..."What was I going to get?"  I've secretly been doing that for a year, but I'm not going to tell him.  

I guess we'll both travel down this hazy road together, each wondering if it's "just me" or, are we both "losing it."  

Then, again....I can see forgetting a few birthdays, "losing" a few wrinkles and generally wandering around in a haze.  We're in the mountains and life just gets better every day...

but, I won't forget you readers....."where was I?"...

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