Wednesday, April 29, 2015

OK, you two...get your act together...

I'm talking to you!  Yes, YOU, Mother Nature and Jack Frost.  Decide whose turn it is to be in charge.  I want to plant stuff and the weather is too confusing for me, or plants.  

High 70's and low 80's in the day...freezing at night.  Then...Rain, hail, snow?! Jack, your time is over and it needs to warm up.  Mother Nature, lock him away for the foreseeable future. 

There!  It's off my chest.  I was hoping to add a few weeks to the growing season this year after the dismal performance of some plants last year.  
But, noooo...

Still, some good warm days have made a few things happen.

I noticed this little guy coming up where the green onions and carrots were last year.  It doesn't look like either of them, so I'm wondering what I have here.  It has told me that it's warm enough to do some planting of seeds, though.  So, even though Jack hasn't been nice, I've put some seeds in.

Notice the pine needle?  I spent most of last year pulling them from the garden, afraid they would make things too acidic.  Over the winter I read up on them and found out that they can stay, if dead.  They are almost ph neutral.  So, the garden beds are filled with needles.  Maybe they'll do something good.

I've also started saving egg shells for the tomato plants I hope to get, soon. The picture was taken next to some broccoli and eggs for the girls.  Now, I need to remember to buy garlic cloves for the tomatoes, too.  

Last Friday, I pulled the strawberry plants out of the garage.  They looked like they didn't make it.  There were a few greenish leaves, but mostly all were crunchy.  This is disappointing, as they looked great last time I checked and even had flowers on some plants.

They went into the greenhouse and were watered well.  Were there for 6 days. They didn't come back. NOT ONE!!  Guess I start all over again this year.

I needed a break from the homestead.  I can only sit with the chickens so long. Headed to the local nursery to see what is out there.  It was all I could do not to buy anything.  All that potential and nothing can be done...

...until Jack, and Mother, figure things out...

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