Friday, May 15, 2015

A Frost-y reception...

Jack Frost, Mother Nature and I are NOT speaking, anymore.  I've had it with this weather.  It's the middle of MAY people!!! 

Our view at noon today.  More snow clouds.  It's snowing in Flagstaff, so I just know it'll be here, soon.  I did uncover the garden and let the chickens out for a few hours.  They'll both probably be under cover for the next few days.

By 3 o'clock, the garden was secured.  The chickens had even returned to their coop on their own and were huddled together.  I think they know what's coming.  The winds were on, and off, cyclone speeds and the temps are dropping every minute.

Yesterday, I found a few zucchini, yellow crook-neck and acorn squash plants at the nursery.  Picked up some sweet alyssum, too.  They are camping out on the kitchen counter under the skylight, until this mess passes.  No pumpkins, yet, as they had just been planted and weren't up.  

As I'm writing this, rain has just started hitting the skylight.  I do love that sound it makes, but I'm NOT in the mood for it, tonight....

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