Wednesday, May 6, 2015


We've seen rain too many days, now, which has made any attempts at working around the homestead stop.  I guess our visitors may have enjoyed that reprieve.  We all cozied up in a warm house and watched movies. They got out of here, just in time to drive home in rain and hail.

I got out to the garden for a few dry minutes, just to check on the newly planted babies.  Only 1 broccoli looked like it was having a few problems standing up to the rain and winds.  Got 'er covered.  The chickens were a little miffed that I didn't let them out in that weather, but I'm taking no chances on having chickens with pneumonia.

I decided to spend yesterday making freezer meals, as a warm kitchen seemed preferable to a cold garden.

Found this ravioli lasagna recipe on Pinterest.  I've already made this with cheese ravioli and now I'm trying the beef.  It freezes in 2-serving 4 x 8 foil pans, just perfect for us.  Just brown hamburger and add diced onions.  Add jarred spaghetti sauce. I throw in a jar of canned diced tomatoes, too, but it's not in the recipe.  Then, I shred up some Monterey Jack, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses and layer the ingredients.  

There are just enough raviolis to get 3 pans done, each with 2 layers.  I froze 2 and we had the other for dinner.  It was good, but I think I'll always use the cheese raviolis from now, on.  We liked the creamier filling more.  

Lasagna, garlic bread and wine and we were set for the cold night.  

However, I hear the call of the garden so, I'm hoping that the warmer days return, soon.


  1. Do you boil the ravioli first, then put it into the containers and freeze it? LL

  2. No. Just thaw them overnight in the refrig. Using frozen raviolis saves me time boiling noodles and mixing up the ricotta mix. Just layer sauce, cheeses and raviolis.