Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 5 and...sun!!!

Just as the holiday is over, the sun has decided to show itself.  I was beginning to wonder if we'd just slide into the monsoon with no break in the rain and clouds.  

The girls were finally let out.  They made a beeline to a favorite dusting spot and got to work.  The soil is still slightly damp, so they started looking like they had full britches.

Afterwards, they hit Ziva's water dish for a pick-me-up.  Then, it was time to scour the garden for anything new to eat.  Many a grasshopper met its end, today.

The garden cloth came off each bed and I hope the plants got their fill of sun.
The squash plants in the straw bales looked like they had a little more damage from the cold and rain.  I'm devising another way to cover them, should this awful weather come around, again.  

It was time to just sit in the garden and soak up a little sun, myself.  Used to be I would always stay out of the sun (Irish skin coloring, you know).  

Today, it was like welcoming a friend back....

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