Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Garden animals....

OK, what is it with the animals in my garden?  They stroll through, acting like it is theirs, picking up things to eat.  Some of the things they eat (chickens) seem fine and even tasty (well, not bugs).  Some other things are gross (Ziva and chicken droppings) and wouldn't tempt me at all.  Still, as I sit in the garden and enjoy my piece of heaven, the animals are interesting to watch.

Ziva checks the straw bale pile before the girls are allowed out.  She just KNOWS there are lizards in there, but she hasn't pulled one out.  Once the girls are out, they take over the pile and Ziva can only watch.

Ousted from the straw pile, she headed to the newly planted straw bales.  She just stared at one bale and jumped it a few times.  I checked and it looks like there may be a mouse hole going under it.  The hole goes under the metal fencing placed under the bale, so they aren't inside it.  Still, it does show that I really have no control of some of the animals in my garden.

Later, after a short nap...uh, inactive the sun, I checked on the girls and they were on those new straw bales.  All I could think was that they might've eaten my new squash plants and I ran over, shrieking, to get them off. They were only eating the new sprouts from the straw bales, but it made me get off my duff and get covers made for the bales.

By the time I had found more garden cloth, cut it to size and found garden staples to attach them, the winds had come up and getting the cloths secured was difficult.  Also, the clouds were getting dark and ominous.  Checked the app on my phone and it is now showing rain and winds.

This constant change in weather is still not something I like.  Mountain weather is so much different than what the valley usually gets.  Warm, cold, windy, nice, rainy, snowy... Argggg!!  

I uncover...cover...uncover...cover.   It's almost like another full-time job...

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