Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day...

The flags are flying our colors for the holiday.  I, of course, picked the picture of the flag pole with my other standard on it.  Us Irish are such colorful people. Steve is not being slighted here, as his flag is on the other flagpole.  Two poles do come in handy when there is national pride for 2 countries in the family.

It has been the coldest, rainiest Memorial Day holiday that I can remember. And, yes, I DO have over 60 senility now, so my recollection may not be that great.  Still, really no sun to speak of for 3 days.  

The garden has been over-watered, I'm sure.  I pulled back a few of the cloths and it looks like I'll still have plants, come warmer weather.  It can stop anytime now, though.

I haven't let the girls out and they are upset with me.  When I check on them, there is a huge cry when I don't open the coop door for them.  I just don't want to take any chances with wet birds getting ill.  I've been giving them a few more sunflower kernels than I usually would, though.  My feeling guilty has a few perks for them.

This rain had necessitated staying inside.  I've been catching up on some movies I've copied.  Steve is watching reruns of old TV programs.  I can here the Lone Ranger as I type this.

I am feeling a little sad for those who braved coming up to our mountain for the holiday.  They have surely been cold and wet.  I don't smell the campfires that I usually would on the holiday.  I'll bet the local restaurants are getting extra patronage because of the weather, though.  

Here's to another Memorial Day full of remembrances and visits to the final resting places of family members.  Hope that everyone is with family and friends and thankful for their blessings.

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