Friday, May 8, 2015

Hitting the BIG 60...

I have officially moved from the debilitating "over 50 senility" to the ever more serious "over 60 senility" and I plan on forgetting more than ever.... Ha!  

Now, both Steve and I will be wandering from room to room, wondering "what am I looking for?"  It would be funny if it wasn't constantly happening.

One of my gifts from Steve...

will be another hoop for the garden beds.  We had most of the material from when we built the other 4, but I thought I'd usually keep 1 section of the beds open for taller items.  I finally decided that the beds need that 5th hoop as I wasn't using the beds to their potential.  While he was working he became very interesting to the girls.  Effie kept getting under foot while he cut the fencing.

One reason for adding a hoop is that many of the seeds I planted have started sprouting and will need to be covered.  My carrots are just breaking the surface now after taking an interminable amount of time to germinate.  A few green onions have also shown up.  I was almost ready to plant more, thinking they were bad seeds.  I always forget how long they can take to get going.

I love it when my presents are useful items.  I don't go many places so I don't need new clothes.  I have all the jewelry I'll ever need. 

Usually, Steve asks what I'd like, and for the last few years, it's always been plants...trees...seeds...blocks...

Hoop seems a great thing to get as a present.

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