Friday, May 1, 2015

Pedicures for all....

The girls seem to be over the traumatic day of the wing clipping.  They have developed a taste for freedom, too.  When I go out in the mornings to give them a treat and let them out for a few hours, they all run past me like I'm not even standing there with FOOD.  Boy, have things changed.

They head to the straw bale pile from last year and are slowly tearing it down. I have a pile from 2 years ago that still hasn't dissolved.   Who knew that 4 chickens could get so much done.  I guess I'll have to steer them to the older pile after this one is picked-through.  

They also found the compost pile.  Every night I rake it up into a pile. Every day they pull it apart again.  Then, I add some of the new straw pulled from the straw pile and we start all over again. I'm definitely noting the superior gardening ability of chickens.

Now, about the pedicures.  I don't usually see their feet as the run has straw in in for the deep litter method I'm employing.  Now that they run around the garden I could see that their nails were very long.  Maybe I should have been checking more, but I didn't.  

After another look-up on YouTube for clipping videos, I gave each of them a slight trim.  You'd think they thought they were being killed.  I took one out at a time and used the single-handed method.  I didn't get any pics of this first run. I'll get Steve out there for the next pedicures.  Have to trim a little at a time, as the nails quicks would need time to retreat from the nails.  I also think that a treat will be given just before the girl is set down, so nail trimming may become something they look forward too.

As they ran around for their outdoors free time, I sat and kept watch.  They've never been attacked or even been scared of being attacked, but they sure do have natural instincts about being attacked.  A couple loud ravens were flying over when they all raised their heads and ran for the coop.  Just fascinating. I'm not sure ravens would've even tried anything with me there, but the girls sure did.  

Something else I've found out about these free times.  Sitting in a garden makes one fall asleep faster, and more deeply, than trying to sleep in a bed. The peace and breezes just are magic...

...then a fight over a bug breaks that spell.....

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