Monday, May 4, 2015

Visitors and veggies....

OK, I'll admit I'm weak.  I KNOW the the weather is pretty dicey now, but I couldn't help myself.  I walked into the local nursery and bought just a few items.  Just a few, mind you.  

My problem?  I think I may have a form of plant ADD.   May 1st came and I just had to put something in.  ANYTHING!  I only have a few months of growing before fall comes and everything stops.  It made me antsy.  I think I even had the shakes.  I reacted.  So, I'm the proud owner of broccoli, marigolds, peppers, tomatoes, oregano, rosemary and strawberries.  

Yes, I may be sacrificing them to Jack Frost, but I hope not.  I've pulled out the protective cloth and am throwing a Hail Mary.

We also received visitors.  Our valley friends came up to work.  NOT that I expected it.  Even though I tried to stop them.  So, what's a homesteader to do?  We let them work.  

Honestly, it was painful to watch.....

Susan dug right in, planting the peppers.  It's nice to have young'uns around. She told me, after I gave her the plants, that she may have a "black thumb," so I may have a problem there....NAH!!

She pounded in poles for tomato protection.  Wielding that heavy pole pounder was impressive to see with muscles galore showing up.  Her husband cut down things with the chainsaw, too.  

The strawberry plants were cradled into their bed.  Their companion spinach plants have started coming up.  Leaf lettuce, arugula and radish are also making an appearance.  Maybe I will get some early veggies to make it?

The hoses and plants are in the troughs, too.  Topped everything off with marigolds planted into the beds to try and keep pests away.  I also found out that the girls will eat their petals.  Double-duty plants are always a bargain.

So, our work done, we headed in for aspirin and other assorted painkillers. Even the young feel those muscles when they complain about work.  Still, we're more than happy to have them visit, again. 

I guess now we just sit back and see what Jack throws our way....

...hope his aim is lousy...

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