Friday, May 22, 2015

What in the world...?

Here I was worried about the chickens "doing in" my squash plants.  The bigger villain is the weather.  Covering the straw bales did some good, but not enough.

There was some leaf damage from the cold.  I had them covered with a double layer of summer-weight garden cloth.  Obviously, not warm enough.  It was only around 37 degrees on my weather app...WRONG!!  We are definitely still getting below that.

I had some scraps of all-season garden cloth, so they went under the original covers to add another level of warmth.  I also added some more fertilizer and watered it into the bales so they'll warm up a bit.  

Steve caught me watering in the fertilizer.  I threatened him within an inch of his life, but decided to use the pic, anyway.  This shows the tedium of a day in the life of a gardener.  I'm trying soooo hard to get my "babies" off to a good start.  If I could take the bales into the house, I would.  I plan on doing a "happy dance" when the weather finally realizes that it is almost June.

On the ledge of the raised bed there are cut plastic hose pieces so we could get the bird netting onto the newest hoop.  I did the hoops last time and I really did try this time, but for the life of me, I couldn't do it (darned arthritis).  Steve put the hoses on while I aligned the netting on the hoop.  Teamwork won out.

Later, we all took a break.  Ziva is now coming into the garden, under supervision, when the girls are out.  They run to her like she's their queen.  It's kinda funny to watch.  She is curious about them, but we stop her if she gets too close.  After a while, she'll just lay down and let the girls check her out.  

In this picture, she's trying to look aloof, but I just know she's got the other eye estimating the distance to the nearest chicken...

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