Monday, June 22, 2015

101 degrees...and climbing...

It's hot...really HOT!  OK, not as hot as our place in the valley which is showing as 115 on my weather app.  No, we have it a little better than that.  Still, sitting in the garden watching the chickens had me at the melting point today.

Another thing, it seemed even hotter as I sat there because I could see, and smell, the burned portion of our homestead.  Somehow, that made the garden temps even worse.  I am praying the culprit is caught and cannot do this to anyone else.

The plants are handling the heat as well as possible.  The lettuces that were eaten by who-knows-what are coming back slightly.  Probably getting too hot for them, though.

Now, the 2 troughs....

see how they've changed?  The closer, east, trough is looking very bad compared to the farther, west, trough.  The broccoli plants in back are doing really well and I may be harvesting a head soon.  The east trough, however, has not done much.  The plants are leggy, small, with pink leaves dropping off. One has a very tiny head in it, but I don't think it'll make it to maturity.  Much to tweak this next year.

The chickens have ceased with any movement when out with me...

except, to lay at my feet, or under my chair.  Dirt flew all over me and stuck to my sunscreen, but those all-important, dust baths MUST be taken.  Of course, they necessitate a shower for me, later. 

After I couldn't take the heat anymore, I headed into the got the blog done.  Sheesh, 87 in the house!   I'm at the point where I may cut back on food and get something that will cool.

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