Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blanca was a no-show....

Well, Hurricane Blanca was a dud up here.  After Andres and that mess, I was worried, but she only brought cloudy skies and a sprinkle.  Woo hoo!  

I woke this morning and, if I hadn't known it was summer, I'd have thought it was the beginning of fall. Cool and dark.  Just like an October day.  I shook it off and headed outside to uncover the troughs and checked the place out.  Yes, the covers were wet so some sprinkles must've been here, but the garden was looking OK.  

Got the girls out for their 3 hour romp and settled into a chair.  Pleasant, but a little chilly when the breezes started up.  Went to turn my Kindle on and...

the girls all came running.  Maybe they expected me to read aloud?  Nah!  They come every time I sit and start pecking at my pants and shoes.  Don't know why, but I go through this every time.   Later, I cut up a bowl of greens for them to enjoy when they got back into the coop.  

Steve cleaned and oiled my garden scoot.  Silly me left it out all winter and the wheels wouldn't turn.  It'll be nice to pull it from place, to place, when the need arises.  No real shadows in the pic.  Really need these clouds to leave, soon.

The weather channel is telling me that clear skies are coming and that it'll warm up.  Yea!  

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