Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy days are here, again...

This last weekend, we may have finally seen a turnaround that the garden needed. After a cool and rainy Saturday, Sunday was bright and sunny.  After checking the weather apps for our area until my finger was sore, they were both predicting warm days.  I can use the warmer and drier days.

If I hadn't known I was trying to grow squash plants, I might have had delusions of growing mushrooms.  THEY seem to be taking over my straw bales. I have these lovely white ones and I've had some fleeting black ones. Mushrooms scare me.  Are they poisonous?  I'm so scared that I wash my hands like crazy after pulling them from the straw.  Hopefully the days are dry enough to snuff them out.

The one potential pepper I mentioned last blog.  This is my 1st flower and it looks like there may be a few more coming behind it.  It hasn't been warm so I'm considering these miracles.  Even more miraculous would be ripe peppers.

Saturday I had a bounty of lettuce and spinach.  Sunday....most of the lettuces were eaten to the dirt in a raised bed.  I searched the whole bed but, couldn't find anything in the bed.  I'm thinking something small, like an insect, is responsible.  After all, there is bird netting, and fencing, to get through.  Last night I layed summer fabric over that bed.  If anything starts to regenerate, I'll be so happy.

It was hot, hot, hot today.  While the chickens lounged in the shade under my chair, I watched the temp rise to 101 in the garden.  

Yikes...why was I thinking it needed to get warmer?...

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