Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hot time in the ol' mountains...

OK, somebody needs to slap me.  Can't believe I was wanting it warmer.  Yes, the plants are seeming to love the heat, but the house is an oven.  I now remember that summer here is like giving birth; you completely forget how bad it was until the next time rolls around.

Fans are now all over the house and on wherever we alight.  Had to put one in the bedroom window just to pull in enough cool air at night to get any sleep. Ziva is dragging and sleeps quite a lot.

The girls are still let out, but they just congregate in a shady place.  No more digging through the straw or compost pile.  Nope, they PRETEND to be having a dust bath, but it lasts the whole time they are out and it only happens in shade. Here, they are under the Indian marker tree.

Hearing coyotes yip-yip-yipping all around at night. Ziva does get some energy when it's time for her nightly walk and heads to the east fence and barks her head off.  There is huge, empty acreage there and coyotes may be living there. Steve says he sees eyes looking back at them when his flashlight hits them.
I wonder how they are making it in the heat, as there doesn't seem to be water around for them.

I took this as Steve was using the binoculars and trying to see if there is any movement over there.  Mind you, we don't know that the coyotes live there, or if they are just traveling through there during the evenings.  He didn't see anything, as any nocturnal animal is surely hidden.  He is looking a little like a stalker here, though.

Well, heading to a cool couch, ceiling fan and some cold water.  
Somehow I seem to have been teleported back down to the valley...

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