Monday, June 8, 2015


Well, I do believe that I now know what it's like to be in a hurricane.  OK, not a DIRECT hit from a hurricane, but it sure did seem close.

On Saturday, the rain came down, or sideways, at at such a speed that I was wondering if we were going to flood.  Had white-out conditions for several hours.

Little rivers of water were flowing through the homestead.  We had to check that we still had shingles on the house.  Fog everywhere.  Kind of exciting.  

Had the covers on the 2 troughs leave the area, so I was out there getting soaked while chasing them down.  I had covered them because they are holding water and I was afraid the plants would drown.  By the time I got them covered again, the east one (my trial by trough) was full.  I spent a few more minutes bailing water out as best I could.  

By Sunday, the rain moved east and we were starting to dry out.  

I'd left my basket out and I measured 3 inches of rain between Friday and Saturday.  I wonder if that's some sort of record?  

Sunday, the sun came out and everything looked so fresh and green.  Bailed more water from the east trough, but it looks like the plants did make it.  

I turned the compost pile to help in evaporating some of the water it absorbed, then let the girls out.  They had been stuck inside for 2 days so they seemed happy to dig through the pile.  

All in all, it is a good thing that we are on the side of a mountain so most water didn't pool.  Yes, the ground is soaked but it drains quickly because of the forest soil.  I think I've seen more rain this past 2 weeks than I've ever seen during 55 years of growing up in Arizona.

Now, I'm wondering if the July monsoon can beat this...?

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