Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our monsoon?....

Tuesday, we had the start of our monsoon.  Well, I hope.  The thunder started around 2 in the afternoon and rain came soon after.  It cooled the place off nicely.  Today, we had another round, but the rain was barely enough to wet the ground.  Oh, well.

I love the smell of rain in the mountains, but this time it just brought out the smoke smell instead.  I'm hoping that with more rain, that smokiness will go away and the rain smell will be as great as usual.  Living on allergy pills now, as the smoke, or the incinerated junipers and cedars are even harder to take than regular ol' allergies to the plants.

I harvested my 1st broccoli head today from the "good" trough.  It had just started to open up so I couldn't wait any longer.  I was hoping it would get bigger, but with my luck with broccoli this year, I'm just tickled pink that I got this one.  

This is what's coming up in the "bad" trough.  With the way these plants are looking (one-fourth the size of west trough), I never thought a broccoli head would grow in them.  I hardly water this trough and when I stick my finger into the soil, it's STILL wet underneath. I can't believe that this heat hasn't evaporated any moisture still in it.  Crazy!

My plans for the troughs is to cut the soil with compost, straw and sand when growing is over.  Changing out the screening over the drain holes with ground cloth in the "bad" trough, too.  Other than that, I'm not sure what else will turn these babies around.

Now, what to do with the broccoli tonight?  Not enough for broccoli salad, but maybe with garlic and butter?  


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