Monday, June 29, 2015

Peter Piper picked a peck....

This weekend it has become definite that the monsoon is here.  We have glorious thunder almost every afternoon now and rain most days.  I've been watching the rain to see if I need to cover the troughs.  

Last night I was laying in bed and heard more thunder.  A big debate started in my head; should I get up, get dressed and run out, or just leave them?  I made a decision to just leave the troughs uncovered even if a deluge comes. This cover/uncover has me worn out.  Those troughs will just have to sink, or swim, on their own.   After all, only a few broccoli plants are making it and a couple peppers...

and this cherry tomato.  There are 3 looking good so far.  Can't wait to try them.  Some leaf lettuce plants are coming up, too.  The picture is the good trough, in case you were asking.  I don't think rain will have any bad consequences on the bad one.  It is tanking as I write this.

I have been fretting over my strawberry plants, too.  Since they are all new plants (remember me losing all those stored over the winter?), I was supposed to pinch off new flowers and wait for the next round.  The next round never started until now.  They all have really filled out, though, so I guess I've done the correct thing.  I just don't remember having this big wait last year. Strawberries just were coming all season.  Still, I can't wait for one to grow and taste it.

Several pepper plants are blooming.  I guess it has been warm enough to get them going even without the black mulch I used last year.  But, will they put out anything?  I remember being at this point last year, then I only received 3 jalapenos, 1 purple pepper, 3 green peppers, 1 red ...and no orange or yellow.  

Not sure if I'm going through these fickle picky pepper problems next year...

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