Friday, June 12, 2015

Sad skies...sad garden...

The weather stations have been pulling my leg.  No warm and sunny days, like promised.

I don't think I could've made a living being a farmer.  Having the weather make a BIG impact on your livelihood would certainly bring depression and anxiety to everyday life.  And, I don't need this produce to survive, or make a living, but it still has that big of an impact on me.

Right now there is thunder all around.  It's been overcast most of the day, but I don't think there's any rain in those clouds.  The garden soil is still damp from the last few days though, so I hope there isn't any more rain.

This weather just has me a little sad that many of the plants aren't doing as well as last year.  The leaf lettuces and spinach seem to love it, but this girl cannot live on greens alone.  I don't think there's been enough sun for my 1 little pepper to even make it through to ripening.  The tomatoes are not doing anything much.  OK, I do have 3 green cherry tomatoes, but they don't seem to have grown at all.

There is a marked difference between the broccoli in the west trough and those in the east.  STILL!!  If 1 raindrop falls, it gets covered to try and keep it dry. I'm so afraid of any more water getting into that east trough, that I may be going too far the other way and not watering it enough.  

The straw bales squashes are...well, squashed.  Only 2 seem to have a fighting chance.  The other 8 haven't gotten passed 4 leaves, and those are yellowish because of the dark skies.  The few days with some sun just haven't been enough. 

Anyway, I had to lighten my thoughts so I made a pecan pie.  Nothing makes you feel better than sugar.  I even went over, and beyond, my usual pie and took my time laying each pecan onto the pie.  Some kinda sunk because I have to let it bake longer than usual to account for my higher altitude.  It bubbled over some, but still tasted so good.

Maybe after half of it I'll start feeling more optimistic?....

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