Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Salad for all...

It's warm during the afternoons so, lately, I make my way to the garden 1st thing.  Today I brought an offering of grass gleaned from the shady side of the house.  I think the girls were very pleased.  They are tending to like the early hours, too.

I also had my 1st harvest of greens and it has me excited to make chicken salads tonight. It's mostly spinach, but the few leaf lettuces will add some color to the dried cranberries and pecans in with the chicken.  Plenty of hard-boiled eggs in the frig so a few will go into the salad, too.  I can't just keep them for Ziva and the girls.

Speaking of eggs, my bounty today has included another of these fragile eggs. I'm not sure who's laying them, but the shell is so fragile that just picking it up fractures the shell....all over.  The membrane is tough, though, so the egg is perfectly fine to eat.  It just really sunk in over the air sac.  

There is plenty of calcium in the run, so maybe they'll all just need a healthy dose of spinach to cure whomever is laying these?  Heading out there now to get them some...

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