Monday, June 1, 2015


This last weekend saw a dramatic change in our temperatures.  The garden is regularly around the 83 degree mark; high temps for our mountains in early June.  By the end of June, barring any freaky weather, we will be on our way to highs in the 95 degree range.  The house in the afternoon will become an oven that we will bear until early evening sets in.   Hopefully, air conditioning will be in our future some year.

The coop is now outfitted for summer.  I think we've seen the last of freezing night temps so the electric waterer is gone.  The coop and run have been cleaned as much as possible.  The mess has been installed into the compost pile.

The scarlet runner beans came up this weekend.  I was almost despairing their late arrival.  I soooo want some beans this summer.  I also admit that I'm kind of looking forward to the red flowers that they'll bring.

I'm wondering what problems are happening in the feeder trough gardens. The top picture is the west trough.  The broccoli there are getting big and there is even one plant putting out the start of flowers.

The bottom picture is the east trough.  The broccoli there are small and do not seem as hardy.  All the plants came from the same broccoli starts, so I think it is the trough.  If I stick my finger into the soil, it is very wet.  It feels like wet clay.  I barely water and the soil stays like this.  This trough has the screening over the water holes, so that may need changing.  Next fall, I'm also tilling in sand to see if I can remedy this.

The chickens don't seem as animated in the warmer weather.  They pull up a dusting hole under my chair after I finish the garden work and we watch the garden grow...until I have to get dinner started. 

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