Monday, July 27, 2015

Circles within circles....

Today it was finally sunny and warm.  Just in time for the weather to change in 2 days, but, hey!  I'll take it.

The 1st hour in the garden today and it was probably wasted.  I walked around, and around, and around the Scarlet beans pulling beetles off.  I'm NOT sure why since I've given up on them.   I don't expect many beans to make it, but when I see beetles on them, I have to do something.  My thinking is that I don't want any of these little buggers to reproduce, so I've got to kill them.  I happily caught a few "couples", as there's nothing like killing 2 for the stomp of one. 

So, there I am, slowly circling the bean bed, with a chicken following me....and 2 hummingbirds working the opposite side from where I stand.  

I got close enough to one to get its picture.  Fast little hummers.  If I got too close, I let them feed before taking any beetles off and scaring them.  After the hummers and me, there were a few bees checking the blossoms, too.

As for the beetles, it was a crazy time today and I think my Off was the culprit. The mosquitoes have been eating me alive when I'm in the garden.  Steve picked it up for me and it said it was unscented (but there was a scent) and the Rose Chafer beetles seemed to love it.  They kept landing on me, which made killing them so much easier.  It was like a swarm around me a few times, and I even got really good just knocking them from the air to step on them. That's kinda like a bit of magic that I must remember next season.  

Later, I noticed a small plane overhead, just after it left our airport.  They go over quite a bit as many people work in the valley and fly back here.  This time, it circled over me and the garden, twice.  That was a first. I'm sure it was the garden getting all the attention.  

However, it could'a been my was lovely...and circular.....get it!?!...

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