Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cleaning to commence?...

I'm supposed to be cleaning the house for the company expected to arrive on Friday for the July 4th holiday.  It's 93 degrees in the house, so I'm thinking that after I post the blog that I'm heading back outside to sit in the breeze.   Maybe I'll be able to clean after the sun goes down.  If you're wondering why I waited until Wednesday to start....well, the winds fill the house with dust so I wait until the last minute.

Most of the groceries have been acquired, but we always do some shopping at the last minute for that item we ALWAYS forget.  I'm sticking to breakfast casseroles and dinner casseroles.  Imaginative??

Steve has been working like a madman around the property.  He's still taking loads of brush to the brush pit.  Holidays where fireworks are shot off makes one feel the need to clear the land, just in case.  Here, they have been very careful with celebratory fireworks, but with visiting campers and our own brush with fire, we just needed to be as careful as possible.  I still find it amazing that he can work in 100 degrees and not pass out.  Something about those hardy Germans in his background, I guess.

The scarlet runner beans are starting to flower.  I've never had them, so I wonder how they'll be.  I can't wait for the vines to be covered with flowers. I'm noticing some beetles checking them out, so I guess it's time to get into stomping mode.  

Tonight we're having chicken tacos topped with the 3 cherry tomatoes that have ripened.  I can't wait to try the first tomatoes of the season.  Just harvested the second round of broccoli, too.  

So, I'm heading out now.  Maybe the sweat running down my back will give me a cool chill as I bask in a mountain breeze?... 

Hope springs eternal!

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