Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Don't worry....bee happy....

Something is going on here and it's a little scary.  BEES are everywhere.  I think we've taken 50 out of the house in the last couple days.  There is a mass hovering outside of the back door just waiting to enter.  Poor Ziva had one sting her on the lip.  Steve pulled the stinger out and she seems fine, but I'd like to know what is going on.  

Just checked the Fire Department's website and they said that there has been a huge jump in bee calls and that 1 child received 33 stings.  I may go into hiding (shiver going down my spine).  Anyone out there know if all the rain has caused this?

Well, not hitting the garden was a fantasy I got over quickly.  Had to let the girls out for a romp and see what needed harvesting.  Swatted bees away, but none seemed inclined to sting me.  We are still getting some dark clouds and a few sprinkles.  It was sunny when I took this, but you can see what is going by us.

At one point the sprinkles became heavier, so I moved into the greenhouse. The girls couldn't even be coaxed in with me, even with goldfish crackers (which I'm slowly snacking on to finish from the holiday).  They decided to eat their food, since it was under cover.

My acorn squash plants are really taking off, now.  There are a few flowers but not a bee in them.

I guess they are still lining up at our backdoor....

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