Friday, July 31, 2015

Experiments 4... results 1 ½ ...

About a month to go before the cold temperatures come back, especially at night.  Haven't seen much of the sun for weeks.  Thunder all day.


After making an emergency trip to the dentist today and getting into the garden late, I really wasn't excited to be there.  I basically just sat back and nursed my mouth.  Moving was tough, so I stared around the place and mentally reviewed the experiments I started this season and have come up with the results, which are/were not as promising as I'd hoped.

Experiment 1

Scarlet Emperor Runner beans.  Disappointed with them.   It's not the fault of the beans, just that this is probably NOT the place to grow them.  NEVER saw beetles like I did this year.   Only have about 20 beans at this time and they'll probably go the way of all the others and be eaten, by something, before they mature.  The plants are so beautiful to see in the garden, but it looks like this experiment failed. So, I've taken the netting off and will let the bugs, rabbits and probably squirrels, ravage them.  Back to bush beans next season. Result...0.

Experiment 2:

Summerweight garden cloth over the leaf lettuce beds 24/7.  This seems my only true success.  That is, once I figured it out.  Wish that I hadn't had to learn this by losing the greens for most of June.  Still, they came back even better, so a positive outcome.  Result...1.

Experiment 3:

The troughs as garden beds.  The "bad" trough almost tanked this experiment. Not enough to not work on it next season, but it sure did fail... spectacularly. The other trough did well enough to bring this experiment up from the "fail" it was headed for.  A change of soil, composts and luck may make this a success next year.  Result...½.

Experiment 4:

Small straw bale garden.  This one should've been a "no brainer."  Straw worked well last year and it should've worked this one.  I think the problem here was Mother Nature's hurricanes.  Could've also been Global Warming. Who knows?

No sun to speak of for months and rain by the gallons.  My one zucchini (above) seems to be succumbing to those two problems.  I took a picture of the one little yellow crookneck that is trying to grow.  I'll put that pic on later.  
The 4 butternut squash plants may still produce something, but that'll be decided later in the fall.  The acorn squash plants have a few growing.
Still, I think straw will not be tried next year.  They certainly didn't produce well, and considering their cost, I think they are out.  Next year the squash plants will all go into the raised beds. Results...0.

Tonight, I found another experiment to try next year.  Online there was a post about using tulle instead of garden netting.  Smaller holes keep out more insects and still let in tons of light (or rain...PLEASE, no more rain).  

Tulle...hmmm.  Seems like an idea.  Petticoats for the garden hoops....

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