Friday, July 17, 2015

Leaf it alone...

So, my experiment in saving the leaf lettuce from being eaten has changed.  I WAS covering them at night and uncovering them during the day.  This was just a guess on how to save them.  It didn't turn out to be the correct guess, though.

See, somewhere in the uncovered time, something still was gnawing at my leaves.  Mind you, I never saw what was doing it.  I mean, what's a gardening novice to do?  

THIS is what this novice decided to do.  The lettuce and carrot bed is always covered.  Whatever was eating the lettuce only took down 1 carrot plant, but they are all getting the treatment.  This is summer-weight cloth (almost like gauze) so all the plants seem to be happy with the amount of sun (when there IS any) that they receive.  I'm wondering if it's not so much the covers, but that the breezes keep the cloth moving and flapping.  That might be what is actually scaring whatever away.

With all the rain we've been getting, I've checked on the plants several times to make sure the cover wasn't causing something like moss or fungus on the plants.   Nope, they are doing really well.

That was a long explanation, but here are the results.   Red Oak leaf lettuce is finally growing back.  It seemed to be the preferred plant to strip by whatever is was.  The carrots are growing well and I'm enjoying them in dinner often. Even with the cloth on their stems/leaves, the carrots are fuller than ever, too.

I haven't had to water anything for almost 3 weeks.  There's been so much rain that I usually just bail out water...from the "bad" trough.  Yes, I know I should be covering it more, but...but...but...I've HAD it with that trough.  I've tried more than enough things with it...let it it.  No more!  It's toast.  Until next year!  Yeah!  I'll fix it next year.  THEN we'll see how it does.

Speaking of rain.  Hurricane Dolores is expected to bear down on us tomorrow.

Can I come live with you?!.....

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