Monday, July 6, 2015

Post holiday goings ons...

Yes!  We are still here on our mountainside, but after 2 days of drenching rain, it was a close call.  At one point I thought Heidi was headed under the bed as the thunder would crack like the house was caving in.  We WERE able to keep our visitors safe and dry, which is saying something. 

Steve's sister was the "official" truck driver in the Saturday parade and he was the co-pilot.  Funny thing this year, nobody wanted to go through the "wet zone" and squirt and be squirted.  Maybe that changes with age?  This year, maybe because of all the flag controversies and things, they had more whooping and hollering, EVER, by spectators when they went by with the flags and the truck.

Ziva had her 1st taste of the parade and all the confusion that goes with it.  Our son, Aaron, held onto her harness while she checked out everyone and every dog along the highway where he, and I, stayed and did some photographing. 

Later everyone was drenched by those clouds in the top picture.  We had headed to the park for a late lunch and were jolted from our seats by thunder you wouldn't believe.  Poor Ziva, we got doused in the eventual downpour and she couldn't get under a picnic table fast enough.  She's definitely NOT a water dog. She wouldn't come out from under the table until we decided to make a break for it when the rain let up slightly.  Once in the house, she wouldn't move.

Anyway, while we were being drenched at the park, I'd left the garden unprotected.  Came home to cover things and found...

the "bad" trough full...again!!  Now, I had told you that I wasn't going to bother covering it for every storm.  However, I had started again when I started getting a few small broccoli heads from those drowned plants.  This poor trough. I decided to cover it, but not to do anything else over the weekend and check again on Monday (today).

Today...the horror.  That trough stunk to high heaven.  All the manure in it and sitting full of water....Yuck!  Spent the morning bailing it out and throwing the water under a pine tree.  No florets, but did harvest a few leaves for the girls. Got it covered again, just as more thunder started in the distance.  

Checked the rain gauge and we'd received 3.5 inches in the last 2 days.

I guess I won't be watering the garden for, say......a week?

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