Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Quiet contentment....

Our homestead has been looking soggy for a week.  Getting tired of the rain.  

Checked the rain gauge and another 1.5 inches in 2 days.  That's 4.5 inches since the July 4th holiday.  I never kept track of the rain in June, but this HAS to be some-sort-of record....


Before getting to work in the garden I sat in my chair and just absorbed the contentment around me.  I guess I haven't been paying too much attention to the other things happening around the homestead.   

I noticed that several of the birdhouses are occupied with babies...again. Usually, we've had 1 hatching of birds in each birdhouse, each year in the spring.   We've got some Western Bluebirds in 2 houses and I'm hearing lots of chirps inside.  Another house has Pygmy Nuthatches working on it's second hatching (the house, not the pair of birds).  I'm wondering if this is a new thing, or have I been "out to lunch" and not noticed this before?  Anyway, this is new for me.  

I was sitting quietly enough that a squirrel tried to take a few morsels from the girl's feeder.  Of course, when it heard the camera snap, it took off.  I wonder if this is the culprit that's eating my green bean leaves?  He'll find it harder.  I finally got netting around them.

Anyone in blog land know what this is?  

The netting is NOT preventing these little buggers from eating holes in the leaves though.  I tried finding a picture on the internet to see what I'm dealing with.  Couldn't find one picture that looks like this.  They are on the scarlet runner beans and the squash plants.  They don't look like squash borers and most pictures had bugs with spots, or stripes, as the baddies.   

I pulled off a few and gave them to the girls, but the girls only ate a couple, then ignored them, so I stomp on them.

An unknown chicken laid another egg under the marker pine tree.  So far, I've found 2.  One was laid during the fire excitement when none of the girls wanted to go into the coop.  This second one I didn't see laid, but Ziva found it when Steve allowed her into the garden.  Couldn't save it as she ate it quickly. I'm wondering who it was as they seem to all go into the nesting box even when allowed out to run.

Well, I did get some work done today.  Some, as in little.  Sitting got in the way.

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