Friday, August 7, 2015

Be careful what you wish for....

as it just may come true.  I referring to sunny days, here.  I've wanted the sun to make a comeback so the garden would click into high gear.  Yesterday, I guess I overdid it and the heat sent me into the house earlier than anticipated. Was seeing things and not good things.  Everything was blurry with patches of white.

Still, it was only 91 in the garden and I was sure I could handle it.  I had even gone out early, thinking I'd get the work done early and avoid problems.  I lost track of the time until I started to sway.  Well, the best laid plans...

Soooo much better today.  Hit the garden running.  The rain of June and July, along with all the accompanying clouds, seems over. The straw bales have blossomed with squash plants.  This area seems a good fit for squash, so I think I'll do it again next year.  Right now, I think I'll be using blocks again and add another raised bed.  I have some just sitting at the valley house and will plan on bringing them up on our next trip there.

I got the squash covered with remnants of netting.  I'm hoping this frustrates the gnawers and saves them for us.  I did notice a few more bites missing, so we'll see if this works.

The acorn squash really is putting out.   Each plant has 3 running vines with fruit starting.  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be pruning them back, but since this is my 1st time growing them, I'm going to let them do their thing and see what happens.  Right now, I'm sure I'm growing them again.  

The butternut plants are also putting out a few vines on each plant.  They are not as vigorous as the acorn squash, but it looks like I'll get more than last year.

In the top picture, at the top, are the 2 summer squash bales.  Left: the zucchini and right: the yellow crookneck squash.  They've taken off with the sun's return.  

After spending the afternoon in front of a fan and drinking lots of water yesterday, I learned and took it easier today.  Did more sitting under a tree out of the sun.  Watched the chickens, who didn't move all that much either.  

Sitting for so long gave me time to plan dinner.  Baked some chicken and used up a lot of the squash, broccoli and green beans in a stirfry. Added garlic and a little canned corn I had left over.  Man, it was good.

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