Monday, August 3, 2015

Beetlejuice...isn't stopping the beetles....

Had a thought today while killing more beetles on my beans.   It went like...
"How stupid are beetles, anyway?"...and was thought probably while in mid-swing and stomp.  Like, if there were hundreds of dead skunks all around the bean bed, wouldn't that keep new skunks from even coming by?  So, how come beetles don't notice all the dead around the bed and stay away?  There must be some sort of smell for them to key on.  RIGHT!??!

After that mighty question, and another seemingly wasted hour, I headed out to check on the rest of the garden and see if there's anything new to eat.  

Here's the pic of the yellow crookneck squash I promised in the last post.  Isn't it sweet?  Well, not sweet, it is afterall a squash, but it's a baby and all babies are sweet.  I'm delighted it's here, as by this time last year we were totally squashed-out.  I was even giving them away.  Such is the difference between a really wet year and an average one.

With no sun to speak of (and I have noticed that I do speak of this too often) I was wondering if even 1 pepper would show up.  There have been several, so this is a shock.  Supposedly these are orange bell peppers and we'll see if they make it to ripe.  Nothing on the jalepeno yet.  The "Big Jim's" are still putting out; I think 7 so far.

I had to take the 1st zucchini off to chicken land, where they didn't even try to eat it.  It should compost well.

But, imagine my surprise when I found another one getting big enough to eat. I see a little stir-fry meal, with little being the operative word, here.  It'll be so good with butter and garlic.  


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