Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Green and red....not Christmas lingo yet...

Today, it hit me....for someone who needs glasses to read, I'm doing pretty well on the beetle front.  I can pick them out in seconds on the plants.  I can slap them from the air...AND, I can sway, hit and stomp them while still staying on my feet.  This second feat is really something if you knew me and saw how I walk.  

I've learned the green, then red, method.  If you don't follow this method, you get really dizzy.  First, check only the green leaves.  Walk completely around the bed so you see most leaves from all sides.  THEN, check the red flowers. This works so well. Your eyes don't do the weird back-and-forth "auto-focus" thing" and you don't get nauseous.  The dizziness went away and I am finding the little buggers quickly. I am a beetle-killing machine.

I also found out that they like more than the squash and bean plants.  While cutting up parsley and basil for the chickens, I was finding them all over the undersides of the plants.  Sheesh!  More freaking things to check.

Segue into checking on the chickens.   Ha!  

Lately, they have been filling their water with tons of dirt.  I hung it in the coop, like you've all probably seen.  Now, I don't know what they do in there (break dancing or something), but it seems like there is a massive dust-up nightly.  I got so tired of cleaning the thing, so...

it's now in the run and staying clean.  Just as much dirt flooring, but they don't throw it all over.  I don't remember this happening during the winter so it must be a summer thing.  Still, figuring out a solution to a "chicken-thing" is rewarding.

Today, it was the usual chicken "follow-me-wherever-I-go-thing."  It involves running, and stopping, in front of me and getting their feet stepped on.  You'd think they'd figure out that last thing.  But NO!  I tell them to stay away from my feet, but they don't listen.  Kids!  I was headed to the squash bales to pull off beetles and get a few pictures.

It looks like there will be acorn squash to eat this fall.  I'm so excited.  Growing up, getting to have your own half with butter and brown sugar in it was a right of passage.  You had to prove you were grown up enough to rate one.  I can still remember my 1st one.  Yum!   

Not sure what has gnawed on the bigger one, but if I catch the varmit, well....

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