Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Slightly indelicate...cover your eyes...

My garden seems to be a microcosm of the known world.  And as such, it is home to some very interesting foibles.   It's a kill, or be killed, world.  It's a work if you want to eat world.  It's a, well, XXX-rated world.

It's also a "what the heck is that" world.  Which is exactly what I said when visiting the yellow crooknecks a few days ago.  Never seen the like before.  Not even sure how this could happen.  But, it did.

I let it get a little bigger, then I plucked it today.  It seems to have 1 stem that splits into 2.  Then, each stem produced a squash.

But, the stems are melded into one.  And the squashes are melded into one. But, they are 2 separate squashes inside.  Make any sense here, because it's hard to explain.

Here you can see how they melded, but how this can be done is confusing to this garden-a-file.  It looks like they were shrink-wrapped in another skin after forming.

I cut into it and it does look like 2 totally separate squashes stuck together.  It's more than this garden novice can comprehend.

It might make a good story on a garden version of "The Twilight Zone"....

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