Friday, August 14, 2015

Terror in the henhouse...

This is Effie.  Doesn't she seem a pretty little chicken?  Doesn't she look nice? (Well, not to the other chickens as she thinks she's their boss and is pushy). Back to the picture... Wouldn't you think she's sweet?   Well,......... she's BAD!

Yup.  Having MAJOR problems with her.  She's started eating eggs.  Truth be told, she may have been doing this for a few weeks.  I've been noticing some telltale evidence but, had no idea who was doing it.  I caught her in the act. Yup, yellow beak and all.  

Today, she even tried to push a chicken from the nesting box while laying an egg.  She kept walking by and craning her neck to see into the box.  She jumped onto the perch and just barged into the box.  By the time I arrived, she was looking under the chicken, probably for an egg.  

I wrestled her from the box, then locked her from the coop.  She squawked until the chicken left the box. Of course, the chicken in the coop squawked until I let her out of the coop. BUT, by then I had time to save the egg.  Effie spent the next 10 minutes squawking and stretching her neck to see if there was something in the box. 

Because I'd noticed the egg-eating, I've been letting the chickens out at about 8:00 every morning.  Yes, I wasn't going to because of the raptors in the area. 
I just figured that getting them outside may stop the girls feeling cooped up and bored...and then, eating eggs.  I've also been thinking I'd rather have the eggs and to let the chickens' fate fall where it may.  This was before I knew who the main culprit was.

I'm sorry to say I actually had a thought of offering to sell Effie as someone's dinner.  That would show HER.  We could have her for dinner, but somebody (Steve) isn't too keen on killing a chicken.  Abbie's demise is still fresh in our minds.  Anyway, sanity came back and I then considered that a bad idea. Then, I thought of segregating Effie, but that's harder than it seems.  

So, I guess I'll be doing some more thinking.  It's almost impossible to stop a chicken from egg-eating once it's a habit.  Dilemmas!

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