Monday, August 17, 2015

Tidying up the homestead...

Our place was starting to look like it was long overdue for a haircut.  Can't be helped, what with all the rain lately.  It was trimming time on the ol' homestead.   Almost too hot to do this work as it was 101 in the garden. Today, it's STILL 94 in the house so I'm getting this out and heading outside and looking for a breeze.

The grass was taking over the landscape.  There are some really beautiful flowers in the mix, but they drop seeds, making the mess worse next year. That is a fire problem when the rains stop and it dries out again.  After the fire in June, you understand our fear of another.  I'm surprised Steve is able to stand up straight after this weekend. He had left his DR Brush Mower at the valley house, so he did all this work with a small string trimmer. 

Steve gave the garden a haircut, too, and it's looking a little bald, just like him. I'd been knee-deep in grass and weeds for a while, but the chickens loved it. They ate grass and caught bugs in the weeds.  This has caused me to think about changing some of my garden plans.

Remember the cinders we bought to cover the area?  They have been placed under the troughs and, along with the garden cloth, have stopped weeds from growing there.  Our plans were to do the whole garden.  Now, I'm seeing how the girls like being able to browse in the greens.  So, what to do?  Probably will get around to doing the work later, so I'm going to give myself some time to re-plan.

Halfway through August and the garden is perking along after drowning for so many weeks.  The lettuce will be reseeded this week.  I'm out of spinach seeds so there'll be no more until next season.  The Big Jim's are getting plentiful and I may have to start freezing them.  The cherry tomatoes have finally started ripening again.  They were hating the overcast skies and rain.

I have 5 acorn squash that look like they'll make it.  Add to that, 5 butternut, and I'm setting a squash record here.

I was seriously wondering if the jalapeƱos were ever going to do anything.  The other bell peppers are putting out but, the jalapeƱos seemed to just be bushing out.  I finally dug through the leaves and, surprise, I have several growing. One was large enough to pick and add to salsa.  

Mmmmmm!  Salsa...chips...heaven....

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