Friday, August 21, 2015

Which chick is it?...

We have to come down hard on whichever chicken is eating the eggs.  I'm pretty sure it's Effie, but we are going to do our homework before deciding on the outcome.  

I tried locking her out of the coop whenever a chicken went to the nestbox. She'd stalk the coop, looking in windows and the door, and making a ruckus.  
Still, after finding her under a nesting chicken and with yolk on her beak, I am pretty sure she is our culprit.  

Well, our ring-leader culprit?  I say this because she seems to start the egg eating, but the other day I found 3 of them working on an egg laid under the tree.  

Sooooo, we are building a separate run and will wait for an egg to be laid.
I thought we might have a short confinement as Cici was later under the tree for 2 hours.  Bebe was in the nestbox for an hour.  Neither laid one, so the waiting continues.

Effie is NOT happy with her new daytime accommodations.  She'll get moved into the coop at night, but until an egg comes and we see what happens, she must wait here during the day.  If it's not her, then we will do this to the others until we know which it is.  

After all, this is now a do or die, situation.  We've decided that whomever is the culprit, we will use it as a butchering learning experience.  We figured that we know how she lived and what she ate.  So, we may as well reap the benefits of this sad situation.  Of course, this could always change... if Steve changes his mind, again...and again...and again.

And if it's ALL of them, you say?  

Then, it's 4 Sunday dinners and new chicks in the spring.  Sad, but that's homestead life...

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